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About Us

Shantele Johnson


In healthcare for over 20 years, she innately loves serving people. Wife to a loving husband, mommy to 2 boys, and a dog mom. Through her years as a nurse, Shantele has increased her nursing knowledge and obtained her Master’s, finally completing her training as a nurse practitioner. Over the years, she felt she needed to do more for the community. Houston is one of the largest cities in the US with high obesity rates, and that’s where it all began—helping others feel good about themselves and encouraging inner beauty. Shantele works weekly, consumes a healthy diet, and drinks water and tea regularly, with the occasional wine-on-tap treat. With this added guidance, Shantele has developed her love for health and wellness in Houston.


Houston-based Aesthetics is a small business owned by Shantele Johnson, MSN NP-C, that practices a holistic body care approach. ShanJ’s experience, specialized training, and commitment to her passion give her extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, injections, and supplemental therapy- making her excel in wellness and aesthetic nursing and specializing in Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers, IV Vitamin Hydration, popular B12 injections, Glutathione, and various other supplement injections, Fat Lipolysis injections such as the Newly incorporated Lemon Bottle, and Lipo weight loss injections.

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